Turnitin에서 학술논문 전용 유사도검증 솔루션 iThenticate 2.0을 새롭게 런칭합니다 (AI 작성 감지기능)
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Make plagiarism prevention easy

Ouriginal by Turnitin is a similarity detection solution that combines text matching with writing-style analysis to promote academic integrity and help prevent plagiarism.

Ouriginal is now part of the Turnitin family

Now, as one global Turnitin team, we are better equipped to anticipate the needs of our customers, adapt to change faster and help foster an environment of academic integrity for educators and students around the globe.

If you would like more information on what this means for you and your institution, contact us.

Get more benefits with Ouriginal and Turnitin

Turnitin’s enhanced plagiarism detection capabilities include text-matching against an unparalleled content database:


Turnitin Similarity

Turnitin Similarity is one of Turnitin's products that offers a very similar experience you know and love. Transitioning to this tool ensures you can easily adopt it institution wide.